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Gain Traction While Mitigating Risk

June 23, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

About this event

As the founder of an early-stage startup, you’ll face countless challenges in your entrepreneurial journey that will put you and your business to the test. You may struggle with limited access to capital and lack of investor interest. It can be difficult to gain traction due to limited knowledge on market insights that would inform a well-defined sales strategy. Not to mention the complexities that come with bringing your offering to market like finding ways to differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape and establishing scalable marketing and distribution channels. Thankfully, there are some simple yet highly impactful actions you can take to push through it all.

We are excited to be joined by Jason Malki, Founder and CEO of StrtupBoost and SuperWarm, who will guide you through the appropriate steps you can take to mitigate early risk by leveraging no-cost to low-cost strategies. As a founder himself, Jason understands the challenges of leading an early-stage startup to success because he’s experienced them first-hand. He will share lessons he’s learned from his personal journey as well as from other entrepreneurs he’s worked with and been inspired by. Join us for this optimistic and insightful conversation!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fundraising Strategy: how to properly prepare yourself and your business to raise capital, intentional distribution of the funding you receive across business functions.
  • Sales Strategy: content creation, customer engagement and feedback, LinkedIn and Email communications.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: how to find product-market fit and leverage the insights gained to better prepare for launch.



Jason Malki

Founder & CEO, StrtupBoost.com, Co-Founder & CEO, SuperWarm.AI

Jason Malki is the Founder & CEO of StrtupBoost, a 30K+ member startup ecosystem and agency that helps across fundraising, marketing, and design and SuperWarm, and AI matching platform for Founders and Investors.