Project BRIDGE (Bringing Resources and Information to Dis-connected Groups for Engagement/Education/Evolution) Funded by SBA

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Led by the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce and Asian Media Access, Asian Business Resiliency Network (ABRN) proposes Project BRIDGE, with a wide range of disciplines and culturally- and linguistically-appropriate agencies, serving the needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) small businesses in MN.

Project BRIDGE targets Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) small businesses in MN, with a total population of 324,984, with 15,553 AAPI-owned businesses according to 2018 US Census Data.  Project BRIDGE is committed to strengthening engagement and technical support to help the AAPI small businesses in MN to recover better. Although AAPI-owned businesses have the highest receipts among all minority-owned businesses, also have very high numbers are mom-pop shops, without payrolls, and these small businesses were hit hardest by COVID, and because of a lack of proper documents, many cannot apply for federal assistance, nor grants.   

Utilizing SBA’s community navigator approach, our lead agency – the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce will serve as the HUB, along with 6 trusted, culturally, linguistically and technically knowledgeable partners as SPOKES to form the Asian Business Resiliency Network in order to weather the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for AAPI entrepreneurial community in MN.  Our services can include: 1) step-by-step guidance for SBA loan/grant applications; 2) business development (access to capital, contracting, and procurement assistance); 3) marketing coaching (multimedia/web development, social media 101); and 4) operation consultations (Quickbook 101, and Payroll development) in both English and Heritage Languages throughout MN.

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