Event Details Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have the power to bet on yourself? Can you get out of your comfort zone and embrace change? We will answer many key questions about Franchising as a business strategy as well as the qualities that are most common to successful entrepreneurs. Additional Information Visit SCORE website to learn […]


Event Details Join us for an empowering webinar dedicated to supporting and guiding women entrepreneurs on their journey to securing funding for their businesses. In this webinar, you'll learn: Understanding the different funding pathways Building a Compelling Funding Pitch Overcoming Gender-Specific Challenges   Additional Information Visit SCORE website to learn more! Special Instructions Please click 'Learn More' […]

Enhance Your PR Outreach to Build Lasting Connections

About this event Public relations is your opportunity as an entrepreneur and a business to build and maintain trust and credibility. But it’s easier said than done. You may ask yourself: How do I define a messaging strategy that will resonate with the right people? How should I initiate and nurture relationships with relevant organizations […]

Market Update: Selling to Enterprise

About this event In 2022, corporations, businesses, investors, and governments realized the recession was going to last longer than expected. As a result, in Q1 2023, you saw massive layoffs of about 15% in order to adjust to inflation, spending, and market conditions. Then, AI sent shockwaves through the market and in Q2 2023 all […]

PMO Mindset: Become Fulfilled in Your Work

About this event 1 hour Mobile eTicket Agile, Scrum, Lean: there’s a reason why Project Managers and PMOs implement these practices and so many others into their work each day. The result is a structured and systematic approach that leads to higher-quality outcomes and improved communication. But project management is about more than just results […]

Expand Your B2B Offering Globally

About this event Extending the reach of your B2B sales efforts on a global level is a significant step that demands meticulous planning and thoughtful deliberation. Maybe you’ve found validity in product-market fit, and you’ve reached a point of financial stability that allows you to expand or you’ve gained the team and resources necessary for […]


Event Details Building a great Co-Founder team is one of the most difficult yet important steps in founding a startup. While many founders may start alone, there are multiple benefits of having a Co-Founder, and taking the time to establish a quality team can mean the difference between failure and success. Join us for this […]

Forecasts Aren’t Just for Meteorologists: Why Every Business Needs One!

About this event Every entrepreneur hopes their business will succeed, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine what factors will actually support or undermine the longevity of their business. Founders early in their business journey or with limited financial knowledge may wonder: How do I develop realistic budgets? How can I best allocate resources? […]