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Communicate Your Brand with Intention

September 29, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

About this event

Communication is central to the brand. When effective, it can help you achieve strategic goals not only for your brand but for your business as a whole. Moreso, it can help you understand people so that you communicate with them in a way that is meaningful to them. What strategies can entrepreneurs implement to communicate their brand with the right people in a way that brings value to both the entrepreneur and the stakeholder?

Join us for a lively session with Maureen Chiana, Neuroleadership Trainer and Coach at The Mindsight Academy, who will teach you how to continuously optimize the way you communicate your brand based on feedback to ensure long-lasting stakeholder engagement. Drawing from her experience in neuroscience and emotional intelligence in leadership, Maureen will provide you with the tools to devise highly influential communication strategies and foster more meaningful relationships through a deeper understanding of needs and motivations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing Persuasion Skills: Entrepreneurs will learn how to subtly apply EQ principles to their communication to enhance their persuasive abilities so that you can build stronger relationships with stakeholders.
  • Strengthening Personal Branding: Entrepreneurs will gain a deeper understanding of the critical role personal branding plays in entrepreneurial communication and strategies to craft a more powerful and authentic personal brand that truly resonates with stakeholders and inspire action.
  • Optimizing Communication Strategy: Entrepreneurs will discover the importance of regularly reviewing and adjusting their communication strategies to maintain and improve the effectiveness of your stakeholder engagement over time.


Maureen Chiana

The Mindsight Academy

Maureen, as the CEO and founder of The Mindsight Academy and the Lead To Excel Podcast host. She’s passionate about helping leaders and their teams to reach peak performance levels by drawing on the fascinating field of NeuroLeadership.

Being a NeuroLeadership Facilitator and a NeuroCoach, Maureen innovatively leverages Performance Enhancement Treatment (PET), to help leaders and entrepreneurs rewire their brains to perform at their optimum..

As a seasoned Corporate Consultant, Maureen specializes in Neuro-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. She has an award-winning reputation as a speaker and is adept at harnessing Neuroscience insights into her facilitation style. Her focus is on empowering a diverse range of professionals, from leaders and executives to business owners, especially fostering the empowerment of female leaders.

At the heart of Maureen’s distinctive approach is a focus on the human brain, which she likes to refer to as the body’s main control center. She equips leaders with the mental tools to make effective decisions under pressure, thereby enhancing their performance on both a holistic and targeted level.

Maureen’s signature strength lies in her ability to help clients shatter mental, emotional, and confidence blocks. She empowers individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs, distorted perceptions, restrictive thoughts, and unconscious biases.

She is steadfastly committed to a global mission: optimizing individual brains to enable people to thrive and lead limitless lives. Her work transforms complex scientific theories into tangible, easily understood applications in her engaging talks and courses, offering a fascinating glimpse into the intricate brain-mind-body connection.

Her clientele includes leaders from prominent organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS) UK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Siemens Healthineers, PPD, and BD. Maureen’s global impact is evident in her workshops and speaking engagements spanning across the UK, US, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Africa.


September 29, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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