The Chinese American Chamber of Commerce – MN, in collaboration with Asian Media Access, Asian American Business Resilience Network, and Digital Synergy, presents the Hennepin County’s Tech Essentials Program. The aim is to empower

small businesses and residents in Hennepin County by providing expert IT training to help them leverage technology and expand their market share.


Through cohort-based training, entrepreneurs will learn:


  • Enhancing entrepreneur ability to adopt and integrate technology into their business;
  • Raising awareness of, and identifying technology tools that will enhance business delivery; and
  • Training and supporting business owners in evaluating and integrating technology into their business.


The program is funded by Elevate Hennepin and offers five cohorts covering essential IT skills, including Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media Management. The class schedule is listed below:


  • Cohort #1: July – August., 2023 – Digital Marketing
  • Cohort #2: Sept. – Dec. 2023 – Web Development
  • Cohort #3: Jan – Feb. 2024 – Social Media Management
  • Cohort #4: March – April 2024 – Digital Solutions


Participants who complete a cohort will be eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $1,500, covering 75 percent of eligible hardware and software expenses. For example, if a business owner spends $1,000 on hardware, they would be eligible for a reimbursement of $750. Terms and Conditions applied.


Reserve a spot in the Tech Essentials Program today by signing up through the registration link provided by the Asian American Business Resilience Network (

Application Process

  1. Submit a registration to the Hennepin site:
  2. Watch the recording videos:
  3. Schedule a 1-on-1 consulting meeting with John B Yang at: 
  4. Submit the application with receipts (Application form can be downloaded by clicking “Apply Now” below)